We offer many different private training options. Please see all of our private training options below.

Group Training Classes
To see our class schedules and locations please visit our Class Schedule page. ALL information regarding registering, locations, requirements, etc is on our Class Schedule page.

Unfortunately, we cannot make guarantees about the training. We wish we could make such claims, but to do so would be professionally unethical and irresponsible. The success depends on many things including the individual dog’s history, genetics, as well as the owners commitment and compliance. We teach owners to modify behavior by using proven, science based, humane, positive reinforcement methods. We have
had much success in changing behavior using these methods. However, in order for the dog’s behavior to change, the owner’s behavior must also change. In other words, it will take some effort on the owner’s part to modify the dog’s behavior. So, for this reason, we can’t ethically guarantee your dog’s success. There are simply too many variables that we cannot control.

For private sessions, telephone consults and classes held at Braveheart Dog Training or Dublin Creek Kennels we accept checks, cash or payment via Paypal which allows you to pay by credit card. To pay for classes with Paypal, you simply email us to request a registration form, complete that form and email it back to us and we will
send you a Paypal invoice. Once the invoice is paid, your spot in the class will be secured. Private sessions and telephone consults paid with Paypal must be paid prior to the consult.

Private Training Appointments
Because I teach classes on evenings and Saturdays and attend dog shows on many weekends, I am available for private sessions during week days only. I am happy to offer referrals to colleagues for people who absolutely cannot meet on a weekday.

No Shows and Cancellations
There is a $25 fee for no shows (plus travel expense if out of the immediate area). We ask for at least 2 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment. Please be advised that you will be charged a no show fee if you fail to show up without calling or without at least 2 hours notice.

Board and Train
Braveheart Dog Training now offers board and train services with Dublin Creek Kennels. With board and train you leave your dog with us to do the majority of the training. Please visit our Board and Train page to learn more about this service. For Board and Train we accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Private Behavioral/Problem Solving Sessions
These private sessions are designed for clients with dogs who need work with a specific behavioral issue such as fearful dogs, leash reactivity, potty training, barking or a specific obedience behavior such as coming when called or walking on a loose leash. Depending on the issue we are working on and the severity of the issue, follow up
sessions may be necessary.

All of our private initial sessions are 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours long which gives us enough time to collect necessary
information and to actually get started with our training plan.
$150 for a 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour session (follow up sessions are $100 per hour)
Package of 3 private sessions $325 (must be paid at the time of first visit to get package price).

We network and consult with some of the most experienced, reputable and qualified behavior specialists in the Bay Area. If we can’t help you with your dog, we will put you in contact with a trainer who knows how to deal with your dogs individual issue using scientific, effective, dog friendly methods.

Private Puppy Sessions
Our private puppy sessions allow clients to have in home help with puppy issues. We can discuss and work on whichever specific puppy issues the client is having. We can also help set up the home before or after the puppy arrives or oversee first meeting and interaction with resident dog.
$150 for a 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour session (follow up sessions are $100 per hour)
Package of 3 private training sessions $325 (must be paid at the time of first visit to get package price)

Private K9 Nose Work Sessions
Our one on one K9 Nose Work sessions are for those clients who want to learn about the sport of K9 Nose Work
but are not able to attend one of our group classes.
$150 for 3 one hour sessions

Telephone Consultations
We offer telephone consultations for many common training and behavioral issues such as house training, puppy issues, counter surfing, conformation training, etc. Please email us to find out if a telephone consultation is an option for you. To book a phone consult, email us and we will schedule an appointment time for you to call.
$50 for 30 minutes

Conformation Private Lessons/Coaching
Please read this before attending conformation classes or contacting us for conformation
For clients who want to learn to show their own dogs, we can coach you for conformation or show ring training.

We can help you decide what class to show in, which shows to enter, what to wear, and how to handle your own

dog. We also offer a conformation Board and Train program where you can board your dog while we train him or her for the show ring.

You may also opt to bring your dog for 1 hour conformation lessons where we will work with your dog for you while you observe. Some clients even opt to drop their dogs off for the 1 hour session while they have lunch or shop. This training is helpful for clients who have their breeder handle their dog but want the dog to have some show ring training.
Initial session is $100 per hour (after initial session, 1/2 sessions are available for $50 per hour)
Package of 3 private 1 hour sessions $290 must be paid at the time of the first visit to get package price (sorry no packages for 1/2 hour sessions)

If you have two friends (for a total of three people) who would like to do the Clicker Conformation Class, we will put
together a private class for you and your two friends. The cost is $200 per person.

Conformation telephone consult
For people who need conformation coaching and/or have questions regarding the techniques used in my book, I offer telephone consults. Telephone consults are available only to people living out of state. To book a phone consult, email us and we will schedule an appointment time for you to call.
$50 for 30 minutes

We regularly service San Leandro, San Lorenzo,Hayward, Castro Valley, Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, Pleasanton, Dublin and other surrounding areas. For some of these areas or other areas where we have to travel more there may be an additional travel fee.

If you have any questions regarding prices, classes or to make an appointment, please feel free to contact us.

SeminarsEmotional Detox Seminar with Diane Garrod, Hosted by Braveheart Dog Training at the Dog School in Pleasanton, October 6 and 7, 2012. $175 for both days ($200 after September 1)

What comes before behavior modification or skill training?  Learn the secrets to positive results for challenging dogs. Dogs who RELAX through a De-Stress/Emotional Detox Learn Better, Faster and Last Longer.

Presented by positive behavior trainer, Diane Garrod, Guild Certified Tellington Touch Practitioner, Canine Transformations Learning Center (cTLC) – positive, reward-based, results-oriented behavior trainer from Washington State.

CONCEPT: The first equation to helping a highly reactive dog or one displaying aggression is relax + responsiveness = safety, trust, respect Spend two days discovering what an emotional detox is and how it will help your dog. Be able to work with clients
to implement a successful detox or detox your own dogs. Four dog and handler teams have already been chosen for our demonstrations and observations.
Contact us to register!


Breed Choice Selection Consulting

Having trained most breeds and worked with them through grooming and veterinary assisting, I can help you find

the right breed for you. If you have questions about breed choices, or certain types of dogs, you can email me
with questions about specific breeds, their general characteristics and traits and how to best go about finding a
No charge for this service

School Dog Training Presentation
Braveheart Dog Training is happy to offer presentations on dog training and positive reinforcement training to
public schools in our community. We will bring along children friendly dogs to visit with the children and give the
children an introduction to dog training. Visit Sonic’s page for more information.
No charge for this service

Recent Posts

Beginning Obedience/Manners Classes

Beginning Obedience/Manners Class (6 weeks, 1 hour, $150)
Saturdays, Castro Valley, 9:00-10:00am (next session starts on September 29, 2012*) – Instructor: Vicki Ronchette
Beginning Obedience is recommended for dogs 5 months of age and older. This class is designed to teach owners how dogs learn. Students will be taught how to train their dogs to heel, sit, come, lie down, stay as well as others. Dogs do come to the first class. Different types of equipment will be discussed and recommended on the first night. Owners must bring proof of shots to the first class. Aggressive dogs may be excused from class. *No class 10/6, 10/20

Beginning Obedience/Manners Class for Small Dogs (under 25 pounds) 6 weeks, 1 hour, $150
Mondays, Castro Valley, 6:30-7:30pm (next session starts on September 10, 2012*) – Instructor: Vicki Ronchette
This class is identical to the one listed above but is open only to smaller dogs. This class is great for the little guys who may feel uncomfortable or intimidated by being around larger dogs. Dogs do come to the first class. *No class on the first Monday of the month.

Three’s Company Beginning Obedience/Manners Class (5 weeks, 45 minutes, $200)
Tuesdays, San Leandro, 6:00-6:45pm (next session September 11, 2012) – Instructor: Vicki Ronchette
This class is identical to the Beginning Obedience/Manners Class listed above but is limited to only 3 dogs and owners. This allows clients who need more one on one time. Somewhere in between private lessons and a group class, our Three’s Company class allows clients to afford more one on one training at an affordable cost.

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